Resources for Teachers

Densho Encyclopedia offers this resource for teaching JAI: Teaching WWII Japanese American Incarceration With Primary Sources.

For specific work with media literacy and newspapers as primary sources, see Media Literacy and Japanese American WWII Incarceration.

The National Archives offer secondary sources for JAI:

Library of Congress Teacher’s Guide on Japanese American Internment

For an interactive, multimedia exploration of JAI, see Sites of Shame.

Here is a December 2017 lesson plan from The New York Times: Teaching Japanese American Internment Using Primary Resources

Gary Mukai created a great resource for teaching Japanese Internment for the Stanford Program on International and Cross Cultural Education.  He provides an outline of key points in the history of the Japanese during the World War II era featuring immigration, civil rights and many other pertinent topics.  He also provides a book list for further research and teaching implements.

Click here to learn more about Teaching about Japanese-American Internment by Gary Mukai

Karen L. Miksch and David Ghere of the University of Minnesota created Teaching Japanese-American Incarceration as a tool for teaching Japanese Internment in the United States.  The piece features a chronological overview of the events leading up to the creation of the camps, the reaction of the civilians and  a great variety of other details.  They also mention the current day repercussions of the injustice of the camps.

Click here to learn more about Teaching Japanese-American Incarceration

Minority Politics Courses: Moving Beyond Controversy and Toward Active Learning explores racism and discrimination through the lens of political science.  Yvette Alex-Assensoh of Indiana University explores how to engage a class in discussion about sensitive subjects, like minorities.  This paper focuses on developing analytical skills and facilitating discussion.

Click here to learn more about Minority Politics Courses: Moving Beyond Controversy and Toward Active Learning 


New Mexico PBS offers a lesson plan for teaching about JAI in New Mexico:

Lesson plan for studying JAI in New Mexico